Moringa for Global Warming

Global warming affects poor countries much more than rich nations. Changes in rainfall patterns, can be very catastrophic for millions of people.

So with growing population in many countries, fresh water supply is so limited and is critical to existence. How can we collect water and conserve it? How can we protect it against pollution. Now where does Moringa come in here?

Moringa grows well and adapts to drought – drought resistant. Where water contains earth, like rivers do after rain, Moringa seeds can be crushed and added to these waters and it acts as a natural coagulant and water purifier.

I would recommend with other research fellows that every home, every school, and every health centters and hospital should grow Moringa and use Moringa tree. This is what is happening in the Philippines. Infact, Marunggay as is known there has been recommended by the Prime Minister to be included in their School Feeding Program.