Moringa or Malunggay in Hawaiian Farmers and Flea Market

If you really want to see how people can be so conscious of their health and looking very strong and glowing, bubbling with joy, check out the Filipinos. I found their secrets and that is Moringa Tree. Every Filipino household has at least one MoringaTree in their yard whether at the back or in the front yard. It is like their national flag.

Then go to the Farmer’s Market you will find Moringa fresh leaves, Moringa Flower and long healthy green pods display in bundles. A bundle of Moringa leaf sells for about $1:50 and in the supermarket it goes for $1.79 . The pods and the flowers in the bag is $2.00. You have to go early to be able to get it if you need Marunggay that day otherwise you have to wait for the next market day.

It is amazing that this beautiful, precious Miracle tree is still not being recognized because is not FDA marked and you don’t have to pay much, but it can save you hundreds of dollars in the Doctor’s office and side effects of prescription.

Everyday, I drive around many neighborhood to get a sight of this life saving tree and wonder if the people ever know what it can do, many health problems would be solved.

I went to an interview and after the lady asked me my age I told her, she was so taken aback and said “what do you do and what do you eat, I thought I am older than you”. I started telling her the story of Moringa. The Director who interviewed me, was sold out with my presentation of Moringa, and the flyer and the product and bought one from me for her dad.

I can truly say that the earlier people become aware of Moringa, not just for money but health wise, I think they could save some money and healthier and live longer just consuming Moringa as a lifestyle maintenance supplement, pure and free from chemicals and directly from mother nature with no additives.

Eight million children are either stillborn or die each year within the first month of life. This figure never makes news. This is a reality. The vast majority of this case is family suffering from poverty and where there is severe poverty, mothers and children are undernourished, and sometimes even malnourished. Moringa itself is no answer to poverty, but it can help with the problems of nutrition.

What is so special about Moringa leaves is that they can be eaten directly from the tree. They are comparable to eggs because of its high protein content. The most potent part is drying the leaves and making it into powder, and this powder added to porridge, hot cereal, pancake, shakes and smoothies, and can make flakes and add to soups. The roots and flowers also can be eaten and has high nutritional values.