I am Hephzibah Ene Anderson, founder and owner of Moringa Mama.

We have been able to work with an orphanage in Haiti producing Moringa Leaf Powder to feed and supplement the diet of 40 orphans in Haiti in the orphanage we work with at Wayom Timoun-Kingdom for Kids Orphanage in Port au Prince. We saw a tremendous effect of this Miracle tree. We set up a farm started with 3000 Moringa seeds and cuttings, which some are growing.

The people have been utilizing the leaves consuming it both as foods and as tea consistently and this has changed their lives and health status. The children are healthier and stronger.  Their immune system was boost up and so were able to withstand the devastation of the earthquake health-wise.  We have seen great result especially the positive health effect during the earthquake season in Haiti.

Now we are planning the same project in Uganda and Kenya.

Presently, Moringa Mama is based in Hawaii, where Moringa is growing unceasingly, and where there are massive acres of Moringa Plantations being cultivated by individuals and as family businesses.

We have fresh Moringa leaf powder and flakes available anytime and the seeds to sell.  Please visit our website at

You can see our Moringa project in Haiti at

We also introduced and worked in collaboration with Dr. Helen Asemota and the University of the West Indies Biotech Dept, Faculty of Science in Jamaica, set up a Moringa Nursery with the first hundred seeds planted, to formulate Moringa and combine it with yellow yam.  This initial project produced Moringa-Yam tablets and candies which was distributed to little children in the community by the graduate students who are assigned to this project.

Moringa grows healthily in Jamaica. You can find Moringa life fence over 20 trees lined the edges and cut down to waste at Bustamante Children Hospital Kingston Jamaica.  Yet many children there are so undernourished and sick of malnutrition. There are some also at Mico College. There are lots of Moringa trees along the May Pen road.  I discovered this on my trip to Jamaica for a Moringa Seminar Presentation at UWI, Mona, Kingston.

Moringa is a life saver and increase awareness of its numerous nutritional values should be stressed, not just for malnutrition, but for other systemic ailments which have been identified through scientific research.

While we are searching for health therapy and cure, we can utilize Moringa as preventive measure for some deadly diseases that is plaguing many lives. More over, Moringa has no side effects or any reaction or overdose.

Moringa has been given to us by Mother nature and God has placed it around us and made it easy to cultivate in areas it can grow where poor people can have access to and use it.

I will love to help any organization that is interested in doing Moringa projects in a higher level.

I was trained at ECHO (Economic Concern for Hunger Organization) in North Fort Myers, Florida and have been studying Moringa through books by Lowell Fuglie and Dr. Martin Price within the past three years and have done my personal research and projects and understand how Moringa program can benefits organizations and communities to be self sustainable and healthy at the same time.

Moringa is worth pursuing and many humanitarian Organizations and promoting it.

You can contact me at

Rev. Hephzibah Ene Anderson
P.O.Box 2254
Ewa Beach, Hawaii 96706 or

2512 NW 20th Place
Cape Coral, Florida 33993

1- 941-661-9305