Moringa Tree  news is spreading around the world  and researching projects have increased about this Miracle Tree in agriculture, forestry, botany, food and drug industries, health and cosmetics , Churches and  Charities, peace corps and other humanitarian or non profit organizations, such as ECHO (Economic Concern for Hunger Organization) where I did my training and served as a Volunteer in North Forth Myers, Florida, Trees for Life, in Wichita, Kansas.

Church World service has been researching and operated Moringa Plantation in Senegal and Ghana to fight hunger and malnutrition.

The International Eye Foundation based in Maryland, USA is promoting Moringa for the prevention of chldhood blindness. Moringa is so rich in Vitamin A and other vitamins and has saved precious eyesight in the most vulnerable victims with Vitamin A deficiency.   (Dr.  Monica Marcu , Miracle Tree)

It is difficult to find another comparable plant with such flexibility and richness like Moringa.